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to the END of the EARTH

(Our department, Finistère, is named for the latin: Finis Terra, meaning 'the End of the Earth' )

Ô Bretagne ! ô très beau pays !
Bois au milieu, mer à l’entour !

Oh, Brittany ! Such a beautiful place!
Forest in the middle, and sea all around.
Proverbe Breton


our favorite BEACHES

  • Carantec & Île Callot

  • Barnenez

  • Locquirec

  • Plouescat

  • Trégastel

  • Guendrez (La Baie d’Aurdierne)

  • Santec

  • Theven

  • Dossen

  • la Palud de Guissény (Site Natura 2000)


our favorite PORTS

  • The Port of Roscoff

  • The Port of Ploumanac'h

  • The Port of Locquirec

  • The Port of Douarnenez

  • The Port of Conquet

  • The Port of Concarneau

  • The Port of Paimpol

  • The Port of Binic


our favorite GARDENS