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créative + écologique

We can guarantee you the best rate. Book here with us.

Our Maison d’Hôtes de Charme was renovated in 2012 with ecological and natural materials. We provide luxury hotel linens from Linvosges, washed in organic, body-safe & earth-safe detergents, atop high-end memory foam mattresses to ensure a restful sleep so that you wake up relaxed and energized for the day that awaits. We also provide organic, body-safe & earth-safe soap, bodywash and shampoo - customized and local. 

All rooms include open access to the pool.  

All spaces are strictly non-smoking.


our 3 chambres d'hôtes de charme:


La Voile
la voile.png

Mettre les voiles !

Set the sails !

A French expression to say:

I’m ready for adventure!

The weavers of this farm wove linen sails because here in Brittany, there is a port around every corner. Whether you’re land-bound and dreaming of the open waters, or a sailor trying to find your land-legs - you’ll feel right at home in this room. Even here in the heart of earthy, rolling countryside - your yearning for seaspray and the horizon aren’t far.

Duplex Suite

2 - 4 occupants

Size: 45m2


1 x 160x200cm (downstairs)

2 x 90x190 (upstairs)

la VOILE.jpg

Room Translation - "The SAIL : a weaving of salt & wind"

This suite embraces the mariner style of long ago. It gives a little nautical nod of nostalgia for the call of wide, open blue - even amidst our paradise of green.

In a longère constructed in the early XVIII century, and renovated ecologically in 2012 - this 45m2 duplex suite is separated from the main house and thus provides an independent entry. On the ground floor, you will find the master bedroom (the captain’s quarters) with a bed of 160x200cm (with a hôtelier quality memory foam mattress and luxury linens), and the bathroom & WC with an Italian shower, as well as a full coffee & tea service with electric kettle. Upstairs, a charming cabin for the skippers, with a vaulted ceiling and skylight, and 2 beds of 90x190cm (that can be joined upon request). 

Maximum capacity - 4 people. 

Linens and cleaning fee are included in the rate.

Beginning at 70€/night

(depending on season + occupancy)

le nid.png

Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.

Little by little, the bird makes its nest. 

A French expression to say:

Lovely things happen gradually, bit by bit. 

Birds are weavers - creating the most magnificent vessels of roots, twigs, wool, hay and any other fibers found to construct a remarkably solid and sweetly welcoming home for themselves, their mates, and their little ones.

This suite feels like a nest - entering through a forest and climbing up the stairs to the treetops to find the sweetness of retreat and calm. Each morning, just crawl out of bed, open the skylight, and let the music of the birds sing you into your day.

Duplex Suite

2 - 3 occupants

Size: 27m2


1 x 160x200cm (upstairs)

1 x 180x190 trundle (downstairs)

le NID.jpg

Room Translation - "The NEST : a weaving of leaves & wings"

In a longère constructed in the early XVIII century, and renovated ecologically in 2012 - this 27m2 duplex suite is separated from the main house and thus provides an independent entry. On the ground floor, you will find a little reading room with a daybed (that expands to a 180x190cm), and the bathroom & WC with an Italian shower, as well as a full coffee & tea service and electric kettle. Upstairs, a charming bedroom with a vaulted ceiling and skylight, and a bed of 160x200cm (with a hôtelier quality memory foam mattress and luxury linens).

Maximum capacity - 3 people.

Linens and cleaning fee are included in the rate.

Beginning at 65€/night

(depending on season + occupancy)

le NID
la vallée.png

La fenêtre, en province, remplace le théâtre.

The window, in the countryside, replaces the theater.

- Gustave Flaubert

A poet’s paradise, the view from the window in The Valley looks out onto a hillside of ferns beyond the ruins of the source-water bath used for soaking the flax fibers in the earliest stages of linen production. Between the two, our stream, and in the sky so often, a rainbow. It may seem difficult to believe, but with enough patience and a little luck - rainbows can be seen weekly hovering overhead, blessing our little world with their beauty. At night, with the window open, a cool breeze and the song of the owls calling to one another under the stars. 

2-Bedroom Suite, 1st Fl Main House

2 - 4 occupants

Size: 35m2


1 x 160x200cm (south room)

2 x 90x190 (north room)

la vallee sdb.jpg

Room Translation - "The VALLEY : a weaving of ferns & time"

The room is like a chrysalis; indeed, it is a place where our thriving society of Paon du Jour, butterflies called ‘peacocks of the dack,’ enjoy weaving their cocoons. 

This suite can be found just above the library in the main house, and includes - without doubt - the best views of any room on the property. It includes a bed of 160x200cm (with a hôtelier quality memory foam mattress and luxury linens), and a spacious private bathroom & WC, with an especially large Italian shower, as well as a full coffee & tea service with an electric kettle. This luminous and south-facing room is a cozy 20m2. If your party includes more than 2 people, or even if you would like a little extra space, booking La Vallée for 3-4 people includes the adjoining bedroom, with beautiful courtyard-facing late-day light, and 2 single beds (that can be joined together with advance notice). 

Please note: As this room is in the main house, it is possible that there might be a little light noise in the mornings from the breakfast service below in the library. The hallway between the bedrooms and bathroom is not private. 

Maximum capacity - 4 people.

Linens and cleaning fee are included in the rate.

Beginning at 60€/night

(depending on season + occupancy)



our gîte de charme:


le sanctuaire.png

Le bonheur n'est pas un gros diamant, c'est une mosaïque de petites pierres harmonieusement rangées. 

Happiness is not a giant diamond. It’s a mosaic of small stones harmoniously arranged.

- Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

This charming refuge calms even the busiest of lives. Simple. Lovely. Tranquil. Warm. Here, we enter a state of mind where we know that we have all that we need. A space built for a king or a monk, alike - because here we remember that all of us humans search for the same kind of bliss. A few moments of contentment and gratitude to reward us for the heaviest efforts of our lives. Humans toil to build great architecture with heavy stones. Bees, the endless labor to pollinate and feed the hive. At the end - cathedrals and honey. Beauty and sweetness. Come here to remember to enjoy the beauty and sweetness that all your efforts have earned you. Celebrate. 


Room Translation - "The SANCTUARY : a weaving of stones & honey"

The door to this little stone cottage of 44m2 opens to a single room with tall vaulted ceilings. Traditional and quaint from the outside, but inside - a voluminous yet cozy getaway. With its own fully equipped kitchen (including induction stove, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and all basic cooking tools), and its grotto of a bathroom & WC, with an integrated Italian shower - you’ll have all you need to escape from the world. The main room is divided into two parts, with sliding walls that can create a bit of privacy if needed. On the left, a bedroom with a bed of 160x200cm (fitted with a hôtelier quality memory foam mattress and luxury linens); on the right, the open kitchen, dining and living area - including a luxury pull-out sofa which opens to a 140x190cm bed with a 22cm thick memory foam mattress with rapid opening and closing, allowing you to stow it away already made and ready for the next night’s sleep.

The Sanctuary also includes its own private, hidden little garden terrace, to pass the hottest hours of the day under the shade and out of sight. Complete with a table and chairs for dining en plein air. Watch where you’re stepping, though - there are wild strawberries growing all around the path! And, yes - if they’re ripe - they’re edible!

The Sanctuary is fully accessible for guests with mobility challenges, and can easily welcome guests with wheelchairs.

The Cottage Cleaning fee is 30€ per stay.

Fully Equipped Cottage

2 - 3 occupants

Size: 44m2


1 x 160x200cm

1 x 140x190cm (convertible)

Beginning at 85€/night

(depending on season + occupancy)



In the hands of the weaver - each twig, each feather, each cloud, each moment - they are all threads in her creation. We live in her workshop. An afternoon spent in the slowness of listening reveals the wonder of her loom. The light woven between leaves, the love woven between bee and flower.




We are happy to share our garden with you. It is quite large, a little wild, and full of sweet, quiet corners for picnicking or lounging in the sun. Feel free to explore, to take a nap on a lounge chair, to use the picnic tables for meals, to harvest (respectfully) from our aromatics for fresh herbal teas, to make daisy-chain crowns, to chase butterflies, to converse with the birds, or enjoy a chat in our japanese tsubo niwa garden. Equally lovely - a night of stargazing. We can’t pretend to know much about constellations - but nothing says summer more than laying out under the majestic ceiling of the starry sky.



A little bird watching while the sun rises? An afternoon tea with a good book? A glass of cider as the day folds itself away until tomorrow? This property, as a traditional French "corps de ferme," is shaped with a meeting place in the middle of the stone buildings. A mix between terrace and a town square, the courtyard is a sunny, lovely place to pass the time. 



A bonfire with stories and song? It's the oldest tradition of all cultures, and the perfect way to close the day. Please check with us before using the fire pit. We’re happy to give some pointers and provide the wood with starting materials for a small fee.

We’ll even throw in some marshmallows with sticks for toasting!



Our greenhouse is a loving home for sunbathers, plant-whisperers, oxygen lovers, topical-zone dwellers, dancers, yogis, or for afternoon-rain runaways. If you’re longing to stay outside, but it’s starting to shower - don’t hesitate. The greenhouse will welcome you with open arms.

the POOL


The Pool: Whether after a full day of hiking in Les Monts d’Arrée or walking the 2700 kilometers of the coastal path, or even just for an afternoon lounging peacefully - guests greatly appreciate our pool. The pool is accessible from 7am - 11pm each day. Cotton robes and recyclable flip flops are available to rent during your stay for 15€/person. The pool is 145cm deep. Please note that guests are 100% responsible for their own safety in and around the pool.



Our wood-fired sauna is like a little chapel of peace. Just stepping through the door into this arched cabin invites you to enter into a totally suspended world, where time stops and the only thing you need to do is exhale and release.

Enough space for 6 seated or 2 lying down.

With a panoramic view over the valley. 

We ask 35€ for a 2-hour session. 

Please book your sauna session with us at least 24 hours in advance as it takes us about 2 hours to feed the fire and bring the space up to a therapeutic temperature. 

We provide special body-wrap cotton towels for the sauna and we ask you, for hygienic reasons, to please remove swimwear before entering.

Please note that guests are 100% responsible for their own safety in the sauna. Please do some reading in advance if you have any health conditions that might be counterindicated.



This nordic bathtub is wood-fired and wondrous! Tucked away, surrounded by trees and flowers, right next the sauna and with the same gorgeous open view over the valley - you couldn't ask for a more romantic place to watch the sun set and the moon rise, or even to star-gaze with your sweetheart. This tub spaciously fits 2 at a time. 

We offer sessions in the nordic bath for 35€.

We also offer botanical fire-bath sessions (with customized blends of salt, wild, foraged seaweeds, plants, flowers, essential oils and clays - aligned with your wishes, needs and intentions) for 65€. 

Additionally, we offer the Fire-Bath Sunset Apéro - complete with a bottle of wine, some candle lanterns, and a tray of cheese, fruits and other deliciousness. A most memorable setting. For this delight, we ask 60€


GOAT VALLEY Henrieke.jpg

Want to run in the wild? Yes! Want to roll down the hillside? No! This valley is home to our 11 beloved goats. They relish the overgrowth of stinging nettle. To them, it’s a most delicious treat… and for us too! We use it in soups and herbal infusions, pesto and sauces… but barefeet are not fans of the burning sensation delivered by its tiny little hairs. We’re very happy for you to have a walk in the valley, to visit our streams, and especially to say hello to our favorite tree - our precious and ancient Oak growing from the rock front just across the water. Please, take boots and be mindful of your footing. Also, ask us where and how to safely cross the electric fence that guards the goats from eating our roses. 


2021-06-09 Photo Hens 1.jpeg

Our farm animals bring us great joy. We have 11 goats, 3 chickens, a goose and a duck. If you’re interested in coming with us to feed them and say hello, don’t hesitate. We’re happy to introduce you. You’ll find our birds living on the other side of the road - feel free to visit and picnic with them. Please don’t feed or touch them without us present. But feel very free to visit, converse, serenade (Diana, our goose, is especially fond of the occasional ballad), or even dare to share deep secrets (they’re very discreet). 



We’re very proud of our lovely and spacious Library. It’s the perfect gathering space. This is where we serve breakfast each morning. It’s also open as a place to read, meet, plan the day, play the piano, share a board or card game (we have a ever-growing collection), or peruse our “Library of Love” a collection of books donated to our nonprofit La SOURCE Center for Research & Creation. All books in this collection have inspired or taught our donors something about love. We welcome your donation, if you’ve read a book in the past that is dear to you and you believe it has some insight to share about what love is. Please do not take any books out of the Library without speaking to us first. 

the POOL
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