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COSQUER means ‘ancient village’ in the local language, Breton. You will feel time suddenly slow the moment you pass through our gates. Here, in our little hamlet, the rhythm changes. Our land is bordered by stone walls and forest. It is the perfect place to decide that only the present moment matters, even if the charm of the past echoes through the valley.

Bathe in the river. Sit and watch the wind move through the reeds. Lie down in a bed of moss, and listen to the branches of the beech-tree forest talk with one another. 

Or, by all means - uncover the secrets waiting for you in every corner of the region. We are conveniently located just off of the RN12, which means the whole region is easily accessible just minutes from the gate.

Hike the rocky bluffs of Les Monts d’Arrée. Float in the sun in the pure waters of the Lake of Drennec. Collect seashells and quartz at Tahiti Beach in Carantec. Eat crêpes and drink cider in any number of charming nearby villages, bursting with flowers and overflowing baskets on market day. Marvel at the stained glass and stone architecture that exists only here, where celtic tradition blends with roman influence. Visit a Fest Noz (a traditional Breton ball) and learn folk dancing to the sound of traditional music. 

Here, at La TISSERANDE, it is your choice. The ocean, the forest, the walking trails, the city, the villages, culture, nature, peace… it’s all within reach. And we’re here to guide you and ensure a marvelous and perfectly Breton vacation.

between land and sea, in the heart of Brittany

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introducing our little ecosystem

Great lovers of nature, we are proud to say that the land of La TISSERANDE is a protected area for eco-diversity. We are registered as a bird sanctuary with the LPO (the French league for the protection of birds) and a hunt-free wildlife refuge with the SFEPM (the French league for the protection of wild mammals).

We are careful to keep our land pure and free from any chemicals that could pollute the soil or the water. We have 4 active source-springs on the land, and 3 active streams in the valley.

Essentially - we make a good home for many creatures and forms of life. Here are some of our favorites... (including lots of wild edible plants!)


"Celui qui veut apprendre à aimer son voisin doit commencer par apprendre à aimer les plantes et les animaux."

"Those who wish to learn how to love thy neighbor can begin by learning how to love plants and animals."

- G. I. Gurdjïeff -


Rain, Sun, Wind + Light:

at the meeting place of the elements

Some local sayings...

En Bretagne, il fait beau… plusieurs fois par jour.  

In Brittany, it’s sunny… several times a day.

En Bretagne: Quatre saisons en une journée. 

In Brittany, 4 seasons in one day.

En Bretagne: Il ne fait pas beau? Attendez 5 minutes. 

In Brittany: Bad weather? Wait 5 minutes.

We are at the meeting point of many things - sweetwater, salt water, earth, sky, and wind… The weather is changeful and mysterious. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get a sunburn in Brittany. We have sun. It simply comes and goes throughout the day. It is deceptively powerful because of the moisture in the air. With the strong wind coming in from the Gulf Stream meeting the English Channel, be prepared for rapid changes… Wear layers. Bring sunglasses and a raincoat, sandals and rainboots, sunblock and a sweater. 

Oh, and bring a good camera. The light is just as rapidly changing. Full of contrast - it creates beautiful opportunities for exceptional photography. 

Also, keep in mind that we are at the western-most edge of our time zone. We have sunlight very late into the day. Summer sunsets can last as late as 11pm.


Saint Thégonnec

Famous worldwide for its historic enclos paroissial (an elaborately ornamented churchyard, traditional in the diocese of Léon), this village has a rich history of vitality and wealth from the 16th and 17th centuries due to the success of the hemp and flax industries of the surrounding area. 

[photographic credit to the Tourism Office of the Bay of Morlaix]

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A small seaport city situated on the Dossen estuary and crowned by its notable viaduct; Morlaix, thanks to its yachting harbor, oyster cultivation, fishing port and complex history with the Jacobite Rebellion is paradise to ocean-lovers and historians alike. 


Pays de Morlaix

With its mild coastal climate and long stretches of lush wild shoreline, this area calls for a deep breath of fresh oceanic air and a day spent collecting sea stones in the wide tidal zone amidst the enormous biodiversity of marine vegetation. 

[photographic credit to the Tourism Office of the Bay of Morlaix]



From the Latin Finis Terræ, meaning end of the earth, this department is home to some of the country's most beautiful villages - largely untouched and intact, sometimes even barely visited. It is truly a place for discovery and exploration.

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La Bretagne

Brittany (in English) or Breizh (in the local language), is home to some of the world's oldest standing architecture, as far back as 5th millennium BC. As a remote peninsula with no country borders, this region was the last to be colonized by the Roman invasion, and thus has retained a close connection to its ancient roots.



Beyond the famous capital, Paris, France is a country of varied landscapes and ecosystems, diverse cultures and traditions, complex politics and customs, rich folklore and history, proud culinary heritage, with a profound gift for creating and protecting beauty.

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